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Refund Rates

Starting with a threshold buying amount of 300 DKK (40 EUR) per receipt, the refund rate of Denmark ranges between 11.8% to 17.5% of the amount acquired.
Without a perpetual residency in of of the non-EU countries you cannot be qualified for refunds.
Bought Amount Percentage
Under 4,000 DKK 11.8% – 13.5%
4,000 DKK – 15,000 DKK Around 13.5%
15,000 DKK – 25,000 DKK 16%
Over 25,000 DKK 17.5%
With a rate over 16%, Denmark is classified amidst countries with the highest refund rates for considerably large buys.
To be eligible for refunds in Denmark, you need to spend more than the average minimum spending requirement. This amounts around 300 DKK which is estimated to be worth 40 EUR.

Refund Claims

1. In Shop

Do your shopping in stores that offer tax-free purchasing. Purchase enough goods or services to fulfill the minimum needed price for VAT refund on a solitary receipt. Mention to the clerk that you'd prefer to acquire a VAT refund.

2. Acquire VAT refund in shops

When you are shopping at a boutique, the sales assistant will have it arranged for you when you pay. On the other hand, if you are shopping at a huge mall, this is generally received from a VAT service provider inside the shopping center.
In general, exist 3 methods to obtain your refund: in midtown, by cash at the terminal, and through a bank account or credit card. Read below for the pros and cons of each option.

3. Special Stamp

Despite how you decide to obtain the refund, you should get a custom stamp on your VAT refund documents when you leave the EU.
Refund documents for Global Blue, Premier Tax Free and different processors ought to be sent back to their particular areas. On the off chance that you have nonexclusive tax documents, you might have the option to utilize a refund application to submit documents electronically.


  • When purchasing multiple things, attempt to put as much on a singular receipt as could be allowed. You can regularly get a higher pace of discount for bigger buys, and in the event that you decide to get your refund with money, the money expense is normally per receipt.
  • Save your buys on you for examination. Try not to process in your packages prior to getting the custom stamp, except if told in any case to do so.
  • TRY NOT to buy the products bought before leaving the EU.
  • You might need to wait. Give yourself an additional hour remittance to do this before your flight.
  • Take photos of your refund forms after stamping. In case things go wrong, you will need this as an evidence when contacting the refund company.

Ways of Refunding

You are given the chance to choose the option that best fits your needs, depending on your situation.
  • Quick refund in city downtown. Refunds can be either retrieved from downtown refund points which support cash or by electronically from shops that support such service. Your refund is abruptly withdrawn this way. Anyways, you might have to ensure your stamped tax data reaches the refund processor within 15 - 25 days after the application is made. The credit card processor also needs to receive your credit card data along with the stamped tax data, which can cause your card to be debited with an extra fee unless the information is passed in time.
  • Airport refund points in cash. After your documents are stamped, you will find kiosks near the airport which allow cash withdrawal of the refunds. You will be charged a cash fee, with each receipt amounting near 3 EUR. You will be stuck in a line, unless you go to the airport early. In order to avoid the loss during the rates of foreign exchange, your refund will be in the local currency. In cases when you have receipts of considerable amounts this is the best option to choose from.
  • Bank account or credit card refunds electronically. The best way to not be subjected from cash fees and attendance in line. The refund applies in the card or account currency. Your refund can easily be maximized if your account has the same currency as the refund. On the other hand, you might be subjected to a fee ranging from 3% to 5% due to the cause of foreign exchange conversions. Receipts with a low amount are reasonably good to be taken through this option.

Additional Information and Useful Links

Handle your receipt to clerks in the Danske Bank desk close to terminals 2 and 3 for approval of your refund, while traveling outside EU from Copenhagen airport. Make sure you posses the original documents and know that if the requested amount for refunds surmounts 5,000 DKK, and you are out of the opening hours, you need to get in touch with Customs office located in terminal 3.
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